Xamarin iOS Uber Clone App with C# and Firebase 2020 Course

Xamarin iOS Uber Clone App with C# and Firebase 2020 Course


Ufinix Academy is instructor of this course. In this course, you can learn all about basic and advance features of Xamarin by Microsoft. You can get all professional skills required for a good native developer, best development strategies and profitable ideas for your Xamarin apps. This course also covers new trends in mobile development and working experience in Microsoft IDE Visual Studio.

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Now you can get all the professional skills required for a good Xamarin developer at your home. Learn all advance topics of Xamarin in C# from very scratch. This course provides practical session of Xamarin app development.

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Xamarin iOS Uber Clone App with C# and Firebase 2020 Course has more than 50 students with 0 good ratings.

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This course Last updated in January 2020.


The basic requirements of Xamarin development Course are basic knowledge of C#, Syntax of C#, OOP concepts, good concepts of logics and English language as the language of instructor is English and complete attention during lectures.


For this Free Udemy course, you can use Microsoft IDE Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code with Xamarin extension. You must have a PC with good specs and internet connection. For UI, you can use Adobe tools or any other C# UI/UX tools.

What You will Learn

 This course provides professional help for building beautiful, user friendly and responsive apps using Xamarin (C#).

 This Udemy free course is designed for you, if you want to become a fully-fledged Xamarin developer.

 This course helps you to select a niche and start working on it by using Xamarin. This course also helps you to learn all tools of Visual Studio required for Xamarin.

 Learn how to save and Retrieve data locally and find direction from one point to the other with Google Direction API.

 Can Build and maintain a professional Xamarin project. Learn the optimization and deployment techniques of Xamarin apps.

 If you want to build a portfolio of beautiful Xamarin apps to impress your target audience, then download this Xamarin development course.

 Understand how to make asynchronous WebCallls using Rest Api and how to create Local Notifications using iOS Notification Center

 Understand all the fundamental concepts of Xamarin and Firebase. Learn how to manage phone calls using iOS app.

 Understand all the basic and advance features of Visual Studio and Map APIs.

 This course provides you the practical guides of Xamarin development. Learn basics of C# Lambda Expressions and Delegate Methods.

 The good thing for this Udemy free course is that you can learn location services and design methodology of beautiful User Interfaces on iOS 13.1

 After taking this course, you should have enough knowledge to develop your own Xamarin apps and put all these skills in your resume for getting smart jobs.


This Udemy free course has English language with English subtitle only.

Gift of this Course

You can also get 13.5 hours of video lectures, 8 article and 3 downloadable resource for Xamarin Lovers. This course has 89 total lectures.


The estimated size of this Xamarin development Course is 2.4 GB.

# of Developed Apps

In this Udemy free Course, you can develop 1 complete app with frontend as well as backend. (Xamarin iOS Uber Clone App).

Important Topics

Xamarin basic programs, working with C#, working with database, working with plugins

Knowledge Area

On Udemy platform, the main category of this course is Development and sub category is Mobile development or Xamarin.


As this course is new, no one can review this course. This course is best for beginners and fresh graduates and those students who chose Xamarin for your FYP.

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Ufinix Academy created Xamarin iOS Uber Clone App with C# and Firebase 2020 Course. This instructor also creates 3 more courses with more than 1 k students and 177 good reviews. The expertise of Ufinix Academy is in native app development, Xamarin and Android development.


Xamarin iOS Uber Clone App with C# and Firebase 2020 Course provides you the best solution of Xamarin development using iOS as well Android platform. Learn all tips required for a good Xamarin developer.


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