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Luke's Programming School creates this course. In this course, you can learn all about basic and advance features of Discrete Mathematics. You can get all professional skills of Discrete Mathematics and all tips for Interview questions related to DM. After taking this course, you should be able to solve all complex questions of Discrete Mathematics.

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Now you can get all basic and advance features of Discrete Mathematics in 2020. This free Udemy course provides you the best solution of learning discrete mathematics for computer science.

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Discrete Mathematics For Computer Science Course has more than 3.5 k students with 60 good ratings.

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This course Last updated in December 2019.


The basic requirements of Discrete Mathematics For Computer Science course are basic knowledge of math, DM features, logics and English language as the language of instructor is English and complete attention during lectures.


For this Free Udemy course, you can use Visual Studio and other Java or C++ IDE. You can also work on paper as DM concepts are written before implementation in any programming language. You must have a PC with good specs and strong internet connection. You can also use any online tool for code running.

What You will Learn

 This course provides professional help for computer science students who enrolled in DM and fresh graduates of Computer Science.

 This Udemy free course is designed for you, if you want to become a fully-fledged Computer scientist. Download this course and learn required Discrete Mathematics skills.

 Understand and explain important concepts of Discrete Mathematics from scratch.

 The good thing for this Udemy free course is that all the tutorials are designed in a simple way, one can understand easily. You can get personal help from Instructor during office time and using Chat.

 If you want to understand all about Logic, Sets, Relations, Functions, Combinatorics and Graphs than this course is for you.

 Now you become an expert in Discrete Mathematics. Put all these emerging skills on your resume to get a smart job.

 In this course, you can learn different built-in Algorithms and learn how to implement different logics for complex problems of DM.

 Learn basic of set theory and its operations, you can also learn how to use DM with computer programs.

 Understand all the fundamental concepts of Discrete Mathematics for real world projects and interview questions.

 Understand different Discrete Mathematics strategies for your programming questions. Learn all techniques for computing permutations, variations and combinations using Computer Programs.

 This course provides you the practical guides of Discrete Mathematics, learn combinatorics, functions and its properties.

 After taking this Udemy free course, you can build any Discrete Mathematics projects using your favorite programming language.


This Udemy free course has English language with English subtitles.

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You can also get 2 hours of video lectures, more than 5 helping articles, no practice test and no downloadable resource for Discrete Mathematics.


Estimated size of Discrete Mathematics For Computer Science course is 325.8 MB.

Skills you need to become a Discrete Mathematics Hero?

Discrete Mathematics, Logic, critical analysis and relational theories.

Important Topics

Logic, Sets, Relations, Functions, Combinatorics and Graphs

Knowledge Area

On Udemy platform, the main category of this course is Teaching & Academics and sub category is Math and Discrete Math.


Ryosuke Maeda is student of this course and he says “It appears that this course covers whole of discrete math, and its explanation is easy to understand. It would be great if this has more practices and its explanations.”

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Luke's Programming School created Discrete Mathematics For Computer Science course. This instructor also creates more than 28 courses with 135k students and hundreds of good reviews. The expertise of this instructor is Discrete Mathematics, Data Structure and Algorithms and Computer programming.


Free Download Discrete Mathematics For Computer Science course and increase your DM practical skills. This course is designed for Computer Science students and DM lovers. Learn practical examples of Discrete Mathematics.


Discrete Mathematics For Computer Science, Udemy Discrete Mathematics courses

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